Want the inside story?

About Us

Localjinni screens virtual exhibitions on the street, lighting up park benches, walls, paths and buildings. We transform spaces into places using
visual art, poetry, music, film, oral history and digital stories. Our focus on place recognises the importance of local production and local knowledge.

As an Artist Run Initiative (ARI), our areas of interest include:
• urban play
• creative research
• gender participation and safety
• sustainability—‘looking after Country looks after you’.

Think of us as part of the festival fringe or as art street vendors—operating outside of the branded and franchised tourism events venues.

On our walking or cycling tours , we tell the ‘inside story’ of the places where you work , live and play. Join us on a mission to make our public spaces more fun , more functional , more of the time.

As non-Indigenous Australians we acknowledge the places where we live and work
are  Aboriginal land on which sovereignty is still unceded. We are particularly
mindful and respectful of Indigenous ethics of reciprocity— the concept that
looking after Country looks after you.

Meet the locals

Localjinni and the people we work with share a common goal to support local expression, while exploring a ‘sense of place’ through collaboration,
community, leadership and research.

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